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Sekolah Kembang's 41st Anniversary!

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Sekolah kembang's 41st anniversary!

Fundraising for the needy

This Weekend, March 7, 2015, Club Kembang and Ganara Art Studio will be participating in Sekolah Kembang's 41st Anniversary!

There will be no door charge that day and everyone is welcome to join the fun, games and food market.

There will be Pasar Gembira, a kids garage sale, where kids can come and sell or barter their used toys and books. And there will be Carnaval style games and food stall on the school grounds.

There will be no Ganara Art Classes that day. The kids can join our weekday schedule:

- Early Art Sensory for toddlers

Tuesday 14.30-16.00 | Wednesday 12.00-13.30

- Fine Motor Fun

Monday 13.00-14.30

- Art Playdate

Monday 14.30-16.00 | Tuesday 13.00-14.30