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Donasi Kembang Lestari
River Floods
Goes To Hospital and Rumah Singgah

The team goes to medical care services, hospitals and Rumah Singgah to do series of art activities, psychological enrichment & friendship building

Volcanic Eruptions
Goes To Orphanage, Underprivileged School and Rumah Belajar

The team goes to orphanages, underprivileged schools and Rumah Belajar and do art playdate with special education and enrichment programs

Thunder Storms
Art Exhibition

5.000 Anak Art Exhibition Day, exhibiting all the kids' artworks, will be on sale for themself and for charity.

Training The Trainers

A class of training for volunteers interested to participate as art teacher for the projects. GANARA ART STUDIO team will conduct the training & select who are eligible to join as teachers in #MariBerbagiSeni projects.

Art Education for all!!!

#MariBerbagiSeni - 5.000 Anak Indonesia 2015, Events & Videos

  • #MariBerbagiSeni - 5.000 Anak Indonesia 2015
  • #MariBerbagiSeni - 5.000 Anak Indonesia 2015
  • #MariBerbagiSeni - 5.000 Anak Indonesia 2015
  • #MariBerbagiSeni - 5.000 Anak Indonesia 2015

This Weekend, March 7, 2015, Club Kembang and Ganara Art Studio will be participating in Sekolah Kembang's 41st Anniversary, donation for MariBerbagiSeni!

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